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Have you ever pondered the origins of your food? Introducing Chinaberry Farm's exciting Farm Tours—an open invitation to delve into the world of agriculture, hydroponics, and aquaponics! Elevate your awareness and decision-making for yourself and your loved ones by gaining insights into the food production process. Connecting with the source of your sustenance can be empowering, and now, you have the chance to uncover these origins firsthand. This experience promises not only learning but also enjoyment as you immerse yourself in a relaxed ambiance, savoring mimosas and relishing Our Farm to Your Table lunches. Moreover, this gathering offers an opportunity for both camaraderie with friends and the chance to meet new acquaintances. As you revel in these moments, you're also contributing to noteworthy causes that we proudly support. For further details, feel free to explore our Foundation page.

Tour Update:

Our first Farm Tours were a resounding success!  We hope that one day you will get to experience one!    Below you can find information for our October Tour.  We're thrilled to share memories from the September events. To view the full gallery of memories, simply  CLICK HERE! 

October Tour Information:
We are not offering tours during November and December Holidays.
  Please contact events@chinaberryfarm.com.mx for information.

Luncheons will resume in the new year, 2024

Chinaberry Farm to Table Luncheon $1000 p

October 23rd

10:00 am -  Welcome: Start with a Mimosa or Orange Juice

10:30 am -  Tour our greenhouses, gardens, veterinary clinic and The Mushroom House

12:00 pm -  Lunch served on the patio


Heirloom Tomato Pie: Layered sweet tomatoes in a flakey crust and a sprinkle of fresh chives

Chinaberry Farm mixed greens salad

Southern Black Eyed Peas... you won't believe what a difference fresh vs. dried makes! 

Fried Okra with a cornmeal coating (Can't get more southern than that!)

Homemade pickles; Cornbread with herb butter;

Ice Tea / Wine

And bless your heart... We will finish with homemade Carrot Cake!

200 pesos of each ticket price goes to fund Chinaberry Farm operations, Hopeful Future Initiative and our Veterinary Clinic 
(Please see our Foundations Page for  more information)

This exciting endeavor has emerged in response to numerous requests. We eagerly anticipate your presence!
For reservations or inquiries regarding this event, kindly reach out to: 

Eve at events@chinaberryfarm.com.mx

Please inform us ahead of time if bilingual assistance  required.