Welcome to Chinaberry Farm Tours and Events

Farm Tour Luncheons at Chinaberry Farm 

We are pleased to announce the return of our acclaimed Farm Tour Luncheons, starting this March through June. These events offer more than just an engaging farm experience; they are a cornerstone of our commitment to sustainability and community support

Chinaberry Farm is dedicated to sustainable agriculture and ensuring the longevity of our farm's impact. In line with this commitment, we established the Richards and Richards Foundation. By participating in our luncheons, you directly contribute to the foundation's mission.

Your attendance supports the Arca de Noe veterinary clinic located on our premises, which provides essential services to large and small animals in the El Campo area, including subsidized rates for spay and neuter procedures. Additionally, a portion of the proceeds aids the Women in Crisis Fund, supporting local women in need.

Join us for a season of meaningful engagement, where every luncheon serves as a step towards a sustainable and supportive community.


10:00 am -  Welcome: Start with a Mimosa or Orange Juice

10:30 am -  Tour our greenhouses, gardens, veterinary clinic

12:00 pm -  Luncheon served on the patio

To reserve a seat at any of the tour events, your non-refundable commitment of $200 reserves your place with the final $800 due upon arrival.   

This exciting endeavor has emerged in response to numerous requests. We eagerly anticipate your presence! (Comfortable Shoes are Encouraged)
For reservations or inquiries regarding this event, kindly reach out to: 

Eve at events@chinaberryfarm.com.mx

Please inform us ahead of time if bilingual assistance  required.  

Mar 25:  It’s all Greek to me! 

Toast round and tapenade 

Greek salad: mixed Chinaberry greens, our heirloom tomatoes and cucumbers, sprinkled with feta 

Mousska : It’s a greek lasagna!  

Layered eggplant, zucchini, potatoes in a creamy sauce 

fresh bread with olive oil to dip

Dessert: Pavlova with lemon curd and strawberries 

Ice tea/wine/ coffee 

April 22:  Spring is in the air! 

Cup of roasted golden beet soup with sour dough bread points 

Chinaberry mixed green salad

Asparagus and Crab Quiche

Dessert: Chocolate Truffle Pie 

Ice tea/ wine/coffee 

May 27 :  Dang it’s Hot 

Bowl  of Gazpacho with grilled chicken / and veggie tostados topped with local cheese 


Fresh tortillas 

Carrot cake 

Agua fresca, cerveza (or wine)

June 24:  Bless your heart…Get your Southern On 

Chinaberry mixed salad

Shut my Mouth Tomato Pie

Fried Okra and cornbread 

Dessert: Nana’s Blueberry Cobbler 

Sweet tea (just no other kind with this meal!) , wine, coffee