Richards and Richards Foundation

We proudly allocate a portion of all our sales from produce, Tours & Events to support the Richards and Richards Foundation. This foundation is designed to perpetuate financial assistance to the indigenous communities of Mexico well beyond the lifetimes of its founding members. 

Hopeful Future Initiative:
This foundation focuses on providing vital support for the many needs of the  women in the greater San Miguel de Allende area. Although we help with medical, financial, and other various forms of need, our paramount goal is to equip women to reach their fullest potential through empowerment and education. 

RR Veterinary Clinic:
Attention, animal lovers! In the compo and  surrounding areas, dogs abound. Regrettably, many endure lives of neglect, solitude, and hopelessness. The RRVC is on a mission to reduce the number of dogs deprived of the affection they deserve. We accomplish this by offering low-cost or free spay and neutering services for dogs. Furthermore, we're actively expanding our team of veterinarians to cater to both small and large animal breeds. This will ensure the health and well being of all our beloved dogs, cats, cows, donkeys and any others that will visit.